Swedish Courses For Professionals

Swedish Courses For Professionals

We offer Private tutoring in Swedish for professionals that provides your employees with new opportunities to succeed in their professional lives!

We have developed a language training program in Swedish for individuals from beginner to more advance. You  may already be comfortable speaking some Swedish in social situations, but now want to take your language skills to the next level and use it in your daily work.

In our course “Swedish for Professionals,” we assist you or your employees in learning Swedish quickly, efficiently, and in a customized manner. The goal of all our courses and workshops is to help international employees integrate quickly into the Swedish workplace and communicate in Swedish for work or social purposes.

Our offer for swedish courses

Our aim is to support the integration of all international talent in your workplace. We achieve this by providing innovative language training that enhances individual motivation and job performance.

Our Swedish courses for companies can be conducted in your corporate premises with high flexibility in scheduling or virtually when needed.

We specialize in teaching international professionals in Swedish while emphasizing culture, workplace etiquette, and business-specific terminology. Through our lessons, we provide practical learning materials tailored to the individual needs of course participants and the overall needs of your company.

For groups or private courses

Join us for an enjoyable learning experience in Swedish. We deliver top-notch, engaging, and adaptable Swedish language instruction tailored for both companies and individuals. Whether you’re a business looking to offer professional Swedish education to your employees, a newcomer seeking to grasp the basics upon arrival in Sweden, or a long-term resident ready to advance your skills, we caters to all levels. We provide group classes or one-on-one sessions at your workplace, accommodating your schedule. Our courses align with the CEFR, the Common European Framework of Reference for languages.

Customized Swedish Courses

Our lessons and courses are completely personalized to meet your individual needs and preferences.

Tailored lessons and comprehensive packages are created in collaboration with you, focusing on specific areas such as grammar, spoken or written Swedish, academic texts, fiction, everyday Swedish, pronunciation, and more. We evaluate your proficiency level together and determine the focus and content accordingly.

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Branschorienterade utbildningar

Vi använder den senaste tekniken och de smartaste verktygen tillgängliga i branschen för att ge er de bästa nya redskapen att omgående tillämpa i ert arbete.

Skräddarsydda lösningar för er

Vi vet att en storlek inte passar alla!

Skräddarsydda lösningar för er

Speciellt anpassade lösningar efter alla företags unika behov och önskemål.

35 års erfarenhet

Vi vet hur man levererar resultat!

35 års erfarenhet

Vi har erfarenheten och vanan av att leverera mätbara och långvariga resultat för våra klienter.

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Hos oss hittar ni skräddarsydda kurser och kompetenslösningar för alla behov. Vilken utbildning passar er? Vi vet!

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