Grow Your Business in the Short and Long-Term

Grow Your Business in the Short and Long-Term

No matter your industry, the most important aspect of growing your business is your sales team. They are often the initial point of contact for potential clients and those first 10 seconds can be the difference between a lifelong business relationship or an immediate “no”.

A recent Forbes study indicates that 55% of sales representatives lack basic sales skills, meaning that most companies are missing out on half of their clients’ due to their salespeople. Investing in professional, expert sales training is crucial for any business that wants to ensure that they are not losing their competitive edge solely because they do not have the right people speaking with potential customers.

Mastering the Classics

Before learning anything else, salespeople need to be properly trained in the most fundamental aspects of sales. Communication, negotiation and customer service are all vital to the sales process, however many sales people today are not proficient in any of them. Regardless if you are selling magazine subscriptions, automobiles or enterprise software, mastering the fundamentals is essential. Professional sales training will offer your people the ability to persuade, influence, ask for business and close deals with customers, no matter how small or large the deal.

Moving with Trends and Technology

As the entire business landscape is continuously evolving as technology takes hold, so have sales techniques. Companies that invest in teaching their sales teams how to utilize technology in the sales process give themselves a competitive edge. With so many tools available to understand consumer behavior, technology has never been more important to sales people than it is today. By learning how to identify and analyze current and upcoming customer trends, your sales team can capitalize on new market openings before anybody else does, growing your client base exponentially.

Training Helps You Keep Your Sales Stars

By offering your salespeople the opportunity to participate in professional sales training, you are showing them that you both believe in their potential and that you are investing in them long-term. This not only helps them learn new sales skills, but it also provides them with the confidence to sell and the willingness to help build the company. Their loyalty to the company will increase, and you will retain your employees at a much higher rate. This means less turnover, which saves you both time and money on headhunting, interviewing, hiring and future training.

The Right Investment to Build a Future

While many companies invest large amounts of money in their marketing strategies to get the attention of potential customers that money is virtually wasted if your sales team cannot convert the possible clients to closed sales. Proper training ensures that every new lead your people speak with can be turned into a long-term customer. The increased conversion rates mean that your investment in both sales training and marketing are returned several times over.

Customized Sales Training for Your Company

At GMS International, we deliver customized sales training programs that will transform your sales team into incredibly effective closers. Our training solutions help in mastering sales techniques by using cutting-edge technology, increasing your conversion rates and building strong relationships with clients.

Dedicating the past 35 years to providing tailor-made sales training programs, our experienced team will work closely with you to build a training program specifically for your people. Train your sales team for success with the professionals at GMS International.

Contact GMS International today to speak with our professional sales training experts about a customized training plan to help grow your business today!